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Index Covers mechanical specifications on 1953 - 62 models and service procedures on 1953 - 62 models Models FORD Ford Falcon Ford Galaxie Ford Thunderbird Edsel Index of service operations General specifications Engine types Ford 1953 - 1962 V8 239 V* 272 V8 292 V8 332 V8 352 V8 390 6 215 6 223 Thunderbird 1955 - 1962 V8 292 V8 312 V8 352 V8 430 V8 390 Edsel V8 E-400 V8 E-475 V8 292 V8 332 V8 361 V8 352 6 223 Tune up specifications spark plug/distributor/firing order/ignition timing/hot idle speed/average compression pressure psi Valve specifications valve lash/valve angles/valve spring installed height/valve spring pressure/valve lift/stem clearance/stem diameter Engine tightening specifications spark plug ft. pounds/cylinder head bolts ft. lbs./intake manifold ft. pounds/exhaust minifold ft. lbs./rocker arm shaft bracket ft. lbs./rocker arm cover ft. lbs./connecting rod cap bolts ft. lbs./main bearing cap bolts ft. lbs./flywheel to crankshaft ft. lbs./vibration damber or pulley ft. lbs. Starting motor specifications part #/rotation/brush spring tension ounces/no load test amps/volts/rpm/ torque test amperes.volts.torque ft. lbs. Pistons Pins Rings Crankshaft and Bearings Fitting pistons shim to use.pounds pull on scale/ring end gap compression.oil/wrist pin diameter/rod bearings shaft diameter.bearing clearance/main bearings shaft diameter.bearing clearance/thrust on bearing no./shaft end play Distributor Specifications part No./rotation/breaker gap/cam angle/breaker arm spring tension/centrifugal advance degrees @ r.p.m. of distributor/vacuum advance.inches of vacuum to start plunger/max. adv. dist. deg. @ vacuum Generator and regulator specifications generator number/rated cap. amps/gen. field ground location/brush spring tension ounces/regulator number/cutout relay closing voltage/voltage settings/current setting Cooling system and capacity data cooling system data.quarts no heater.quarts with heater.rad. cap relief pressure/thermostat opening temp./fuel tank gallons/engine oil.refill qts.summer grade.winter grade Transmissions std. pints/with overdrive pints/automatic qts./rear axle pints Wheel alignment specifications caster degrees.limits.desired/camber degrees.limits.desired/toe-in inches/toe-out on turns.outer sheel.inner wheel King pin angle or steering axis degrees Rear axle and brake clyinder specifications ring gear and pinion backlash inch/drive pinion adjustment/drive pinion bearing preload inch lbs./drive pinion bearing adjustment/axle shaft end play inch/hydraulic cylinder bore sizes.inch Engine identification engine/serial number prefix ======================================= Engine section Engine replace cylinder head replace valve arrangement valves, adjust overhead valve engines silent valve lash mechanism mechanical lifters hydraulic lifters valves, remove valves, grind valve guides valve spring installed height grinding valve stems valve spring testing rocker arms removal rocker arms installation hydraulic valve lifters timing case cover timing chain remove timing chain install camshaft replace camshaft bearings pistons and rods removal piston and rod assemble pistons piston pins piston rings rod bearings main bearings crankshaft oil seal oil pan replace oil and vacuum pump oil pump repairs radiator water pump replace water pump repairs distributor replace distributor installation ignition timing starter replace ======================================= ======================================= AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS Cruise-O-Matic Edsel Flashomatic Flightomatic Ford-O-Matic Merc-O-Matic Multi-Drive Turbo-Drive Twin Turbo-Drive CONTENTS Description Trouble Shooting Maintenance Adding fluid Changing Fluid "In Car' Repairs Bands, Adjust Vacuum and Solenoid Control (Rambler) Vacuum Throttle Control Oil Pressure Specifications Air Pressure Checks Oil Pressure Tests Oil Pressure Regulator Control Valve Front and Rear Servos Extension Housing Seal Oil Distributor Governor REPAIRS REQUIRING TRANSMISSION REMOVAL Transmission, Disassemble Front Pump Rear Pump Output Shaft and Internal Gear Pinion Carrier Center Support Front Clutch Rear Clutch and Primary Sun Gear Transmission Case and Linkage Transmission, Assemble Torque Converter ---------------- Two-Speed Ford-O-Matic Merc-O-Matic Comet Drive Edsel Mile-O-Matic CONTENTS Trouble Shooting Adding Oil Changing Oil Low Band, Adjust Reverse Band, Adjust Control Pressure Checks Air Pressure Checks Vacuum Throttle Control Sub-Assemblies, Remove Sub-Assemblies, Overhaul Transmission, Assemble Valve Body Service Hydraulic Bench Tests ================================== ================================== Part two Carburetor Section Performance Complaints/Poor Mileage and Engine Loading Complaints/Dirty or Rusty Choke Housing/Manifold Heat Control Valve/Positive Crankcase Ventilation Carter Carburetor Adjustments carburetor model/Idle Adjustments.mixture screws turns open. fast idle speed.dashpot plunger clearance/Float Level.primary.secondary/Float Drop.primary secondary/pump travel setting/choke unloader setting/choke setting Holley Carburetor Adjustments model/carb. type/idle adjustments.mixture screws turns open.air bypass turns idle speed.dashpot plunger clearance/float level/fuel level/float bowl vent valve/pump override spring/choke unloader/choke setting Ford Carburetor Adjustment model/carb. type/idle adjustments.mixture scres turns idle speed.dashpot setting/float level/fast idle cam/secondary thottle plate/pump stroke/choke setting Clutch and Transmission Section Clutch Pedal, Adjust Service note Clutch Service Replace 1957 - 62 Replace 1955 - 56 Transmission, Replace 1955 - 56 Ford 1955 - 56 Thunderbird 1957 - 59 Ford & Edsel 1957 Thunderbird 1958 - 60 Thunderbird 1960 - 62 Ford & Edsel Transmission Repairs Standard Transmission Shift Linkage, Adjust Automatic Transmission Linkage Manual Linkage Vacuum-Controlled Throttle Linkage Transmission and Conv. Replace Transmission less Conv. Replace Rear Axle and Brake Section Axle shaft remove Axle shaft bearing, replace Oil Seal, replace axle shaft, install Rear Axle, Remove Rear Axle Repairs Disassemble Carrier Assemble Carrier Assemble Pinion Pinion, Adjust Pinion & Bearings, replace Drive pinion position Axle Shaft, Replace Master Cylinder, Replace Power Brake Unit, Replace Power Brake Unit, Installation Power Brake Unit, Adjustments Front End and Steering Section Camber & Caster, Adjust Toe-In, Adjust Wheel Bearings, Adjust Checking Ball Joints For Wear Front End Repairs Ball Joints Shock Absorber Front Spring Lower Arm & Spring, Remove Ball Joint Service Lower Arm & Spring, Install Upper Arm, Remove Upper Arm, Install Horn Sounder, installation Steering Wheel Steering Gear, Replace Manual Steering Gear Repairs Manual Steering Gear Assemble & Adjustments Worm Bearing Preload Worm & Roller Mesh Worm & Roller Disassemble Worm & Roller Inspect & Assemble Integral Power Steering Linkage Type Power Steering Linkage Type Power Steering, Fluid Pressure Test Power Steering Pump, Removal Power Steering Pump, Install Pump Belt Tension Control Valve Removal Control Valve, Install Power Cylinder Removal Power Cylinder, Install Speedometer, Radio and Windshield Wiper Speedometer, Replace Radio, Replace Windshield Wiper